Ratti Galli Lake : A Guide For Travelers

Ratti Galli lake

Ratti Galli lake:

Ratti Galli Lake is one of the most beautiful and attractive destinations not only in Pakistan but also in the world. As we know that Pakistan is famous for its natural beauty and the Ratti Galli lake in one of these place. A large number of people, as well as researchers, come from different areas of the country as well as the world to visit this masterpiece of land in Azad Kashmir. A lot of the researches have already been done on the exploration of the beauty of Ratti Galli lake. 

Ratti Galli lake is located in the Neelam valley. It is an awesome view of the Azad Kashmir Pakistan. It is situated on the height of about 12,130 feet from the ground level. The most important and the captivating factors in increasing the beauty of the lake is the presence of water. The name Ratti Galli is derived from the red blooms that are spread on the mountains. The red blooms are perfect in their appearance. It is the most attractive and delightful lake in the Neelam valley. The lake is spread over an area of about 1.5 square km. The surroundings of the lakes remained covered with the snow in the majority of the times of the year. In other words, you can say that only 25 percent of the year is available to you for visiting this lake.  If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beautiful lake, you need to have an adventurous ride of the jeep from Dowarian. Almost two hours are needed in an effort to reach the camp of the Ratti Galli lake form Dowarian. After reaching the ground camp, you can have different options available to you. You can either have a horse ride or can trek towards the Ratti Galli lake. From the base camp, horse riding will take approximately 40 minutes to reach the lake and the trek will take 1 hour. Both of them are equally adventurous and enjoyable. You need to take care of yourself during the journey to the Ratti Galli lake. The trip can sometimes prove to be dangerous if the preventive measures are not considered. 


Dowarian is actually a beautiful town which is located in the Neelam valley of Azad Kashmir.  Local transport as well as private vehicles, both are available to reach this town in Azad Kashmir. From Muzaffarabad, local transport will help you in reaching the town in about 4 to 5 hours. In the case of private transport, you can reach the town in just t2.5 hours from Muzaffarabad. On the way to Dowarian from Muzaffarabad, you will be able to see the stunning Dhani waterfall Keran and the Kundal Shahi. The Ratti Galli Lake is also known as the Dowarian Lake because of the surrounding town of Dowarian.

From Dowarian to Ratti Galli Camp:

The good choice to reach the Ratti Galli lake from Dowarian is by the means of the jeep. There are jeeps available in Dowarian. You can available the opportunity of jeeps for one day or more. The expenses of the jeeps available differ accordingly. you have to pay about 5500 to the jeep holder if you will return from the Ratti Galli lake on the same day. If you want to stay for more time, then you will have to pay about 7500 rupees for the return on the next day. The base camp of the Ratti Galli lake in located on the distance of about 16 km from Dowarian. The jeep will help you in covering this distance in about 2 hours. On the way from Dowarian to Ratti Galli lake, you will be able to see the Glaciers as well as other beautiful scenes that will make your trip to Ratti Galli lake more attractive and memorable. At the base camp of the Ratti Galli lake, a complete tent city can be easily seen. This tent is installed by the people of the area so that the visitors will be able to stay at night time in the Ratti Galli lake. Now, it is the time to reach the top of the Ratti Galli lake. For this purpose, you can take a horse ride. For horse riding, you have to pay 300 rupees for each person. This will take about 40 minutes. you can also trek to the Ratti Galli lake from the base camp in about one hour. 

Ratti Galli Base Camp:

The base camp of the Ratti Galli lake is a plain grassy area which is surrounded by the beautiful and the high mountains. The whole scene represents the beauty of the natural scenery of Azad Kashmir. The beauty of the mountain, when covered with the snow, captures the attention of the visitors. If you do not want to stay in the camps organized by the people, you can bring your own apparatus to stay outside. The route from the base camp to the lake will give you goosebumps.  It is advised to everyone to must visit this beautiful place at least once in a life. 

Hans Raj Lake:

It will be easier for you to watch the scenic beauty of the Hans-Raj lake from the Ratti Galli lake base camp. You can trek to the Hans-Raj lake from the Ratti Galli lake in about 4 hours. This lake also presents the awesome scenes for watching to the visitors. If you are going to the Ratti Galli lake, the Hans Raj lake is also a must. Otherwise, your trip will be incomplete. 

Ratti Galli lake:

Ratti Galli lake is situated far away from the sea level. It is among the largest lakes in the Neelam valley of Azad Kashmir. The main source for the fresh water in the Ratti Galli lake are the glaciers that that are located around the lake.  This lake is among the most beautiful and attractive places of Pakistan. But, one should keep in mind before planning the trip to Ratti Galli lake, you can only visit this lake in the months of from June to October. The reason is that, in most of the time of the year, the way from Dowarian to the Ratti Galli lake is blocked due to the snowfall. So, you need to be very careful about the weather conditions before planning the trip to the Ratti Galli lake. 

Mini Lake:

At the Ratti Galli lake, there are actually two lakes. The larger one is situated on the other side of the mountain. While the smaller one can be easily reached at the base camp of the lake. Though the lake is small in size, it is also an awesome place to spend time with the loved ones. The best thing about the beautiful Azad Kashmir is that you do not need to have a company of others to enjoy its beauty. You can enjoy your own company in the lush green area surrounded by the mountains.


You can avail a great opportunity to have lunch in the place surrounded by beautiful mountains. If you are going to avail the trip packages for the Ratti Galli lake, they will offer you the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But in other cases, you can arrange the meal of your choice by yourself. The scenic beauty will intensify the joy of the meal in the Ratti Galli lake. You can have dinner in this most beautiful place. The night scene in the Ratti Galli lake is the most attractive and eye-catching. The dinner in this paradise in just like a dream come true in reality. 

Places to visit on the way to lake a:

Though, the Neelam Valley as a whole is a place worth for visiting. But, there are some places that are must while visiting the Neelam valley. All these places come along the way from Dowarian to the Ratti Galli lake. A list of these places is as follows:

  • Kundal Shahi
  • Dhani Waterfall
  • Keran
  • Athmuqam
  • Kutton Waterfall

All of these places are holding the essence of nature in the simplest and the purest form. These places come on the way to the Ratti Galli lake from Muzaffarabad. You have no need to arrange a special time for visiting them.  

Things to bring:

Before visiting the Ratti Galli lake and other places of the Neelam Valley, must bring the given items with you. Otherwise, you can have trouble dealing with the atmospheric conditions of the area. These items are as follows :

  • Warm clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking stick
  • Joggers
  • Raincoat
  • Sunblock

Precautions :

Following are the precautions that can be taken into account before visiting the Ratti Galli lake. You must have your original CNIC card because there are army check posts everywhere in the valley. Foreigners are also not allowed in the valley due to the restriction from the LOC. You must follow the precautionary measures of visiting the Ratti Galli lake and surrounding areas.



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