Naran Kaghan & Shogran Tour Packages

Naran Kaghan Tour Package

Travelling is one of the best ways to invest in our own selves. It gives freshens to our monotonous life. The experiences which we as a traveler cherish during the trip gives a new look to the personality. Pakistan is the land of Heavens. Especially the northern areas have the serenity of its own kind. People from different areas come to enjoy their holidays. The natural beauty gives a soothing effect. The Naran and Kaghan are one the most visited outstation of Pakistan where most people prefer to spend their time. Naran is a medium-sized town in the upper kaghan valley that comes under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KPK) district, Mansehra.

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan is 160 long valley that is most famous spot for Pakistani national as well as foreigners. Along the valley, a river named ‘river Kunhar passes all the way. This river originates from Lalusar Lake and reaches river Jhelum outside Muzaffarabad. The fast flowing water of river kunhar, its color and the coldness of water is quite heart touching. The fast flowing water sounds remarkable. That gave a pleasant effect to our ears. The water is quite freezing and thrilling. Its water is best for river rafting and exploration. This thrilling activity is increasing day by day. The portion which is in the Naran valley its quite dangerous for the beginners because of high waves but the portion near Balakot is ideal for beginners and adventurers.

There is a point near Balakot “kiwai” where there are two roads, one was pointing towards the Lush green meadows of Siri Paye and one was towards the Naran kaghan valley. This spot is usually very difficult for everyone to decide whether to explore valley first or eye soothing lush green meadows.

The best decision is to go Kaghan Naran valley first because there are many spots which need to be explored first like Lalusar, babusar top, jheel Saiful Malook. After seeing, the best place that would chill your eyes is Shogran.


The entrance of Naran seems very beautiful. There is a tunnel type road which is covered snow. As the cold wind would kiss your cheeks, a unique feeling would arise and you will that you have entered the Heaven. The river Kunhar running beside the valley gives an epic and serene view to the tourists. As this river compliments Naran so it must have any link with the river but Naran is named after a town. It is one of the most popular holiday resort in summers. It is not only explored by the locals of Pakistan but the foreigners also take much interest in this heaven for hiking, trekking, and fishing. Trout is considered one of the unique fish in this area. People love to eat it because of its taste. The dwindling roads in this area are very dangerous for driving because one side of the road is covered by high and lofty mountains while on the other side there are deep slopes going to the river kunhar. The valley is covered by a dense and overgrown variety of plants. That satisfies the thirst of many botanists. The forests continue till about Naran 8,000 ft. while you move towards Narran the view gets limited because of the thin roads. As you reach Naran after going through the pine forests of Kaghan Valley, the first hotel you see unique and different from other is “Narran Mountain Chalets”. The owner of the hotel is so kind and respectful to the tourists that you can’t believe. The services provided by it are very attractive and heart winning for the tourists. The bonfire they arrange for university students and work groups at night with music facility turn many new tourists towards it. Then there is a cave near the river kunhar that is very famous. There so many restaurants whose breakfast are very delicious.

Jheel Saif ul Malook

Naran is incomplete without the Jheel Saif ul Malook which is one of the best spots that gives popularity to it. Mostly the whole jheel is frozen with snow but if you go in summers then the water seems green and mesmerizing. The enjoyable moment is not to see the jheel but the ride of jeeps to the jheel. The roads are so much danger that you feel that you would not return back safely but the drivers are very much skilled and used to the difficulties of roads that they hardly find any problem while driving but the tourists are so much scared that they seem to die in a moment. This is the actual beauty of this place.

Then there is another place name Babusar Top which is the last point of this area. It is mostly closed in early summers but in August it starts to open for the tourists. Along with this, there are Lalusar meadows which are also famous for the peace and calmness it holds.


After visiting all these places, you come back to the point at Balakot. Now you take the other road that takes you to Shogran. It is a normal place to stay for a night. But from there the next day the drive of one or two hours towards Siri and Paye meadows is awesome. You can truly experience the nature of love and peace over there. These meadows are 7000 feet above sea level. In other words, it can be said as “Forests in the Sky”. This place would compel you to forget all your worries and come closer to the nature that would enlighten your soul and you would light and fresh. Once you would visit such heaven like placing your views about life would change. So it is truly said by Jalaluddin Rumi that traveling brings love and power back into your life. In nutshell, if you are tired of worries, work, and other problems, just give them a break and go to a place where haven’t gone before because new experiences about different places, people and their culture not only groom your personalities but elevates your positivity towards life as well.