Kumrat valley

Kumrat valley is the most beautiful and attractive destination situated in Swat. It is one of the most frequently visited places in Pakistan. Kumrat valley holds the essence of natural beauty in the most stunning way. Kumrat valley is also known as the fairyland in the journey. As we know that Swat is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It has a variety of places that are mandatory to visit. One can enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting the fairyland of Pakistan.   

Many people are familiar with the beauty of the Kumrat valley. Many other places like Naran, Kaghan, and Shogran are also having the worth of seeing in the country. The Kumrat Valley is situated in the KPK province. This destination has attracted people not only from the country but also from the world. The whole valley is surrounded by the spectacular scenes and give an awesome experience to the people visiting them.  

The Kumrat valley is accompanied by the Green Meadows, Snow mountains and the hilly terrain. There is also the presence of the stream that flows through the region. 

Location :

Kumrat valley is located in the upper district of KPK. It is one of the most beautiful scenes in the country. The number of people visiting the Kumrat Valley is increasing every year but still, this is not as popular as the Ratti Galli lake. Kumrat valley is located in the position adjacent to Swat valley. Kumrat valley, Kohistan and Swat are linked by means of the Badgoye Pass. But the valley of Kalash is connected by the Kashken top. Kumrat Valley is the last border of Dir. The valley is situated in the Hindu Kush mountain. It is surrounded by other valleys from all directions. In the north of Kumrat valley in Chitral. Kalam Valley is in the east of the Kumrat valley. While in the west of the Kumrat valley is Ayun valley and lower Dir is in the South Kumrat Valley. The scenery of the place is very eye-catching or stunning. There is also a variety of waterfalls that further enhances the beauty of the Kumrat Valley.

Weather :

The weather of the Kumrat valley stays cool for most of the year. If we classify the weather of the Kumrat Valley, then it will lie in the alpine climate condition due to which it remains cold in majority times of the year. The average temperature in Kumrat valley ranges from 20 to 25 degrees. But in the winter season, the temperature of the valley is extremely low which makes it difficult to explore the beauty. The temperature in winters ranges from -4 to -10 degrees. The fall in the temperature due to the heavy snowfall that is 3 to 11 feet.  

How to reach Kumrat valley :

The best time to visit Kumrat valley is from April to September. In this time, one can spend the most peaceful nights and the joyful days there. The healthy and refreshing environment of the valley will enhance your mood and will make you feel more relax and comfortable. If you are a busy person, then it is the time to free yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature

Badgoye top :

Badgoye top is the place containing different parks made of lime. It is also a must to visit in the Swat Valley.   

River Pajkora :

River Pajkora is the river that flows through the valley of Kumrat. This river intensifies natural beauty. One of the most attractive destinations in the Kumrat valley is Jahaz Banda Meadows. 

Famous attractions :

When it comes to the visit of the Kumrat Valley, there are many things to do here. One can make the trip to the Kumrat Valley more and more memorable by having the things done for which Kumrat valley is famous for. The options available to visitors in the valley are rock climbing, mountaineering, and trekking. Like the Ratti Galli lake and other lakes, Kumrat valley also has a base camp for the visitors. This camp provides the opportunity of hiking towards the Katora lake which is situated on the high of about 11,500 ft. trekking to the Katora lake from the base camp of the Kumrat valley will approximately take 3 to 4 hours. 

Other attraction:

Apart from the Katora lake, other attractions that are associated with the Kumrat Valley include:

  • Lamutai
  • Patrak
  • Kalkot
  • Seri and Thal 
  • Panjkora river
  • Jahaz banda

What to do in Kumrat Valley:

In the Kumrat valley, there are many other attractions instead of camping and rock climbing. You can avail the opportunity of camping, Trout fishing, visiting the wooden forest, trekking in the forest, seeing mountains covered with the snow.


In the Kumrat valley, you can enjoy the best and the adventurous experience of camping. Though there are camps installed by the people of the area. But you can also arrange your own camp. This can intensify your experience of joy and happiness. 

Trout Fishing:

Fishing itself is an awesome thing to do. But when it is done in the river pajkora surrounded by the snowy mountains, it becomes more joyful. You can do trout fishing the river Pajkora. It is one of the most pleasurable experiences associated with the trip to Kumrat Valley. Catching the fishes and then having them in lunch or dinner is the most amazing experience ever.

Visiting wooden forest:

Walking or trekking the wood forests of the Kumrat valley is something that everyone wishes to do here. If you want to spend the joyful time with your loved ones or even alone, this will be the best opportunity to avail in Kumrat valley. Many people came to the Kumrat valley just to have quality time. You can explore the beauty of the forest in the valley. Maybe you are lucky enough to see the beautiful birds there.

Seeing mountains: 

In the Kumrat Valley, seeing the mountains covered with the snow is the most pleasing experience ever. The mountains in the surrounding of the Kumrat valley are the main source of attraction in the valley. As the weather conditions in Swat remain cold throughout the year, that’s why the mountains are always covered with snow.


One of the most enjoying experiences in the valley is a bonfire. The flame surrounded by the lush green fields will present the most fascinating scene. You can enjoy the bonfire in the base camp of the valley. This is the best thing to do with your family or loved ones. Having snacks along with the music will increase joy. 


In the different months of the year, different festivals are arranged in the Kumrat valley. A three-day festival is arranged in which the culture of Kumrat valley is promoted. These cultural festivals will make you conscious of the culture of Kumrat. 

You can also see the different players playing cricket, football and other sports and games in the grounds of the Kumrat valley. You can also capture the most memorable images or pictures in the most beautiful valley of Kumrat valley. 

Where to stay in Kumrat Valley:

If you are going to stay in the valley, then The Sarina Tent Hotel is a good choice. It is actually a tent hotel that provides the basic facilities to the visitors or tourists. There are about 30 to 50 tents in this hotel. you can hire these tents for your stay. There is also the provision of the mattress in the hotel along with other facilities. The best thing about this hotel is the provision of electricity. The hotel has a fuel generator and an established solar system. So, you can easily recharge your mobile phones and perform other tasks for which electricity is required. All types of food are offered by these tents ranging from the food to the soft drinks. The hotel also offers the mutton barbecue to the people who come to visit the valley. Apart from the hotel, there are many small shops in the valley that have the items for the recreation of the visitors. 

Other features associated with the visit of the Kumrat Valley:

The issue is that Kumrat valley is not as famous as other places like Naaran and Kaghan. The whole valley is full with the lush green meadows and the trees. It is a less explored valley as compared to the other valleys of the country. This is due to the bad conditions of the road and the lack of the necessities of life. It is also a result of the lack of interest of the political leaders. moreover, there is also a lack of modern hotels. 

Make sure to have your original CNIC while visiting the Kumrat valley in an effort to avoid problems or issues. Moreover, make sure to select the safest mode of traveling in the adventurous areas of the Kumrat valley.